-Update is out. It is a small patch to remove bugs see it in our Update – Patch Analysis

-Update 0.6.6 is out! See our Update 0.6.6 – Analysis The update brings a new game mode – scenarios!

-Update 0.6.5 is out! See our Update 0.6.5 – Analysis main points are:

  • Hunt for Bismark campaign – Bismark is up for grabs!
  • New camos make ships look destroyed!
  • Collectables added
  • New flags added

-Free bonus codes for wows Eu! Follow the instructions at the armoured patrol and get:

  • 1x port slot
  • 20x Repair Team II
  • 20x Damage Control Party II
  • 20x Smoke Generator II
  • 20x Camo Type 6 (+100% xp)
  • 1x special flag

All for free!

-Team Fire won the third and final round of clash of the elements!

-More news for the HMS Hood campaign is out. There is a zombie HMS Hood camouflage that has the same buffs as the other permacamo that the Hood comes with. See the pictures at the armoured patrol, or below:


UPDATE – These skins actually alter a ship’s shape!


-New items are in the shop for clash of the elements:

  • Team Water or Team Fire camo: 5 coins per camo
  • Repair Discount Pack (5x India Bravo Terrathree Signal Flags): 10 coins
  • Credit Bonus Pack (5x Zulu Signal Flags): 15 coins
  • Commander XP Pack (5x Zulu Hotel Signal Flags): 15 coins

These extra items are for spending your last few coins, but they are quite bad value.

-Team Water won the second round of Clash of the Elements. The win depends on this last, third round!
There has been an unusual lack of news on the World of Warships website that may be due to update 0.6.5 being pretty big! – Yep, it was! See our Update 0.6.5 – Analysis.