-The clan naval base out!! Update 0.6.11 analysis is in the making to explain the naval base in more detail

-We’ve added a new guide to our guide section, the ship type guide!

-We decided to showcase some of the epic improvements made for the visual effects in World of Warships Update 0.6.10, New World of Warships Visual Effects (images)

-Here comes World of warships Update 0.6.10! Featuring British battleships see our update analysis here.

-Update 0.6.9 is out! World of Warships finally has the promised legendary commanders! See all about them in our World of Warships Update 0.6.9 – Analysis.

-Find amazing discounts for a limited time, because it is World of Warship’s Birthday!

-Update 0.6.8 is out! Featuring the historic Operation Dynamo of Dunkirk, and a new game mechanic, minefields! See our update analysis for more.

-This is not so much news about World of Warships, it is news for School of Warships. We have decided to set out new plans for the future of the website. See them in our The Future of School of Warships – Post.

-Update 0.6.7 is out! This update features the brilliant Ranked Battles! There are some great rewards to be picked up, so get battling soon! Also, read our Update 0.6.7 Analysis – Ranked is Back!

See the rewards for ranked battles:

-Update is out. It is a small patch to remove bugs see it in our Update – Patch Analysis

-Update 0.6.6 is out! See our Update 0.6.6 – Analysis The update brings a new game mode – scenarios!