The Sampson is the very first American destroyer you can get in World of Warships. The Sampson’s short ranged, but deadly torpedoes have such a quick reload speed that can dish out almost three salvos a minute! But watch out though, 4.5 km is a very short range for cruisers to hit you, even at tier II!


  • Hardly any armour
  • Decent guns, fast traverse speed, but don’t hit very hard and are slow to reload
  • Terrible AA, but that’s pretty irrelevant for a Tier II
  • Very good speed
  • Good concealment, though not enough to allow stealth torpedoing
  • Low and thin shape of the ship makes it hard to hit

Detailed Statistics

Play Style

The USS Sampson really does have an unusual play style. It’s a shame really as you will probably only use the Sampson for a few games. Its low range torpedoes force you to do one of two things: sneak up and ambush ships behind islands or mindlessly charge at the enemy. Your guns won’t do enough to severely damage the enemy, but with your rapid fire torpedoes, this does not matter. You should use the reload of your torpedoes to your advantage, and fire torpedoes to halt the enemy’s movements, or even drive them into an ambush. In open water, due to the short ranges that you have to work with, you have a high chance of being sunk by enemy cruisers if you catch their attention. So you should always make sure you either have some backup or skim island to island when advancing.

Commander Skills Build

Chances are, as the Sampson is only tier II, you won’t get that many commander points. So the cheap skills will be the most effective to get. We recommend:

One Point Skills:

  • Priority Target – Priority target will really help you to know when to back out, or when to push forwards. In a destroyer, this is extremely helpful due to the fact that you do not have many hit points, and can’t afford to take much damage.
  • Preventive Maintenance – Being stuck with an incapacitated engine or torpedo launcher is not what you want when you’re in the middle of an ambush, or in open water, so by reducing the chance of this happening, you are at a great advantage.

Two Point Skills:

  • Adrenaline Rush – This is a must have for players who always seem to lose damage here and there. It means even if you have been through a rough encounter, you still have a small advantage. For example, if you have lost 50% of your health, your reload speeds go down by 10%!
  • Last Stand – Keeping moving, and manoeuvring is vital in a destroyer, which is why the Last Stand skill is great for the USS Sampson.

Three Point Skills:

  • Basic Firing Training – A decrease on the Sampsons slow gun can help even it out a bit in a gunfight.

Four Point Skills:

  • Concealment Expert – This is a no-brainer. Concealment in destroyers is one of their main advantages, so increasing concealment is a must have.



The USS Sampson is a really fun start to the American Destroyer line, with a few tricks up its sleeve. With careful play, it can achieve high damage ambushes, but can easily be sunk if overextended.

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