Note – This has been recently added, as explained by our Map Tactics are Moving! post. It will be slightly tweaked soon to ensure consistency through all of the map tactics.

Ocean is such a simple map, that brings many complications. No islands mean no cover, which means an easy line of fire, and easy citadels. Because even if you are angling your armour to one ship, you could be broadside to another.

Map Statistics

The map can come in two modes:

  • Domination (three capture points)
  • Standard Battle (two bases)

Ocean is available in tier 10 battles

Map size: 36km*36km

Roles in Battle

To fully understand how to beat your opponents on this map, you need to see how each ship class performs.


The perfect map for destroyers has lots of islands to retreat behind, but some good space to get torpedoes off at battleships. But there are simply no islands on this map. So all of your tactics have to change. Unless you want to get to get sunk, you won’t want to fire your guns very often. Every single cruiser in range would pounce on you. Instead, your role is to lay down tactical smoke screens, to help capture bases or cover your allies that are in a struggle.Try to use your torpedoes to slow the enemy’s movement and to force ships to turn broadside to your team If there is are aircraft carriers in the battle…  …good luck!


As a cruiser, you will know not to give battleships a full broadside. You will always make sure you face them straight on while positioning other islands as cover. But with no islands to cover you, there could be a battleship you are presenting a broadside to, even if you are angling at a different battleship. So you must be extremely wary of all of the big threats to your citadel. Make sure that you use the smoke that your destroyers put down to your advantage. Try and take out the destroyers on the enemy team as soon as possible, as they will be the ones blocking out your team’s spotting with long lines of smoke. Don’t push in to cap unless it is completely safe, just back up the destroyers that are capturing the area.

Aircraft Carriers

Usually, you wouldn’t hunt out the enemy carrier at the beginning of the game just to spot them. However, on Ocean, this is actually a viable tactic. If you can spot the enemy aircraft carrier, your battleships will be able to take out the enemy CV with ease. This is if the enemy carrier has not retreated to the edge of the map. We strongly recommend retreating, because even if you are spotted the enemy team won’t be in range to hit you. If able to stay alive, the Aircraft Carrier is the most valuable ship in the game. Spotting other ships will give your team a massive lead compared to the other team, so make sure your fighters are always spotting, only coming back to defend against the enemy’s air attacks.


It seems, as a battleship, this is the perfect map. Destroyers find it hard to be sneaky, cruisers show lots of broadsides and aircraft carriers can be countered a lot easier. For the most part, this is the truth. But there are Battleships on each team, so you’re going to have to get rid of them. The best advice to take is to just call out targets and focus fire. That way you can slowly take out your threat, and then blow the cruisers to bits