The first step to playing epic naval battles in historical ships against real players is installing the game. The process is really easy, but will take a while for the game to update. So make sure you have a few hours to spare, and a charger if you are using a laptop.

The first step to installing the game is going to the wargaming website, and creating an account. For this you will need an email address, and will have to choose your in game username and password. Keep in mind that you will not be able to change your username later. Sign up: (you can get some free things with the invite code ILOVEWARSHIPS)

Register here for Europe

Register here for North America

Register here for Russia

  • Please note that you must sign up for the right region, or you may not be able to log in to the launcher

Once you have made your account, never give out your password, especially to people claiming they will give you free Doubloons. There is no way to get free Doubloons other than giveaways, that do not require any account details.

Now you have your wargaming account, you should go to the world of warships installation page (follow these buttons) and press on the orange DOWNLOAD GAME button.

Download World of Warships

Download here for Europe

Download here for North America

Download here for Russia

This will install a .exe file:

Installer downloading

One it has finished downloading, run it. It may ask for administrator permission if you are not on the main login for your computer. Choose your language, and then the world of warships launcher will install.

The setup wizard for World of Warships

Once installed, open it and wait. It will install the latest update, which (depending on you Internet speed) will take 30 minutes to 4+ hours!

World of Warships Launcher when finished downloading
When the launcher has finished downloading, press the Orange PLAY button

Once you launcher has finally finished updating, click the orange Play button. The launcher will close and a full screen window will come up. Wait for it to load, then log into your wargaming account using your email and password. We recommend ticking the ‘remember me’ box so you don’t need to log in every time you play.

The login screen for World f Warships

Once you have put in the login, press play and it will go into your port.

Congratulations! You have installed world of warships. We recommend you now check out our guides to get to grips with the gameplay with world of warships.