Each of the four ship types in World of Warships has its own strengths and weaknesses, which you must work with and around. To get the best of your ship, you must know your role in the battle, and how to adapt to different situations. This all varies between each ship class, which is why you must learn each type’s playstyle, so you know how your enemy will play.

Destroyers destroyers icon

Destroyers are the manoeuvrable and less detectable ships in World of Warships. Armed with deadly torpedoes, they can put an end to even the biggest Battleships. Their guns are not exactly the greatest. American and Russian destroyers can take out other destroyers very well, the Americans can also bug bigger ships with high explosive spam, setting many fires. Destroyers also lack on the anti-aircraft defence side, but this isn’t a big problem as carriers won’t target Destroyers much as they are so hard to hit. But the strength that Destroyers really have is their torpedoes. They travel in straight lines, but with clever guesswork and a little help from the torpedo guides, they hit hard. Torpedoes average on about 10k damage, which is a substantial amount!

Cruisers cruisers icon.png

Cruisers are the starting type of ship for World of Warships. They are the all-rounders of World of Warships. Larger guns than destroyers, but smaller guns than battleships. They have torpedos worse than destroyers, but at least they have them compared to battleships (note that some cruisers do not have torpedoes). Their detectability is larger than a destroyer’s but smaller than a Battleship’s. Some cruisers, like the British, are weakly armoured, highly manoeuvrable destroyer hunters. Rather than using high-calibre shells, they use fast firing. They also often boast very capable torpedoes. Others Cruisers, however, are Strongly armoured, and high calibre guns. These ships are more suited for taking out cruisers and taking on Battleships.

Battleships battleships icon.png

Battleships are the strong, heavily armoured, high calibre guns type of ships. They have an excellent firing range, massive guns and pack a punch. They can be very slow (as slow as 20 knots) and are less manoeuvrable than the other ships classes, but have a lot of hitpoints to keep them going. Accuracy in some battleships is questionable, but if you hit, shell damage is extremely high. You will be presented with many Citadel hits on cruisers, and considerably hurt other Battleships. The action in a Battleship is slower paced than the other classes, so if you like slow and tactical rather than fast and instinctive, Battleships are the class for you (we would also recommend carriers).

Aircraft Carriers aircraft carriers icon

Aircraft carriers feature a different way of playing world of warships. Rather than playing in 3rd person, you have a bird’s eye view of the map. And you don’t man the guns on an aircraft carrier, you only have secondary batteries. Aircraft carriers deal their damage with surprisingly… aircraft! They have a major strategic role during battle, due to their immense firepower held in their torpedo bombers and the ability to take out enemy aircraft with their fighter planes. Aircraft carriers can actually travel quite fast, but often need the cover of islands due to their relatively large detection range. Aircraft carriers have a very high damage potential, so be aware of enemy aircraft in the sky. The main weakness is the fact that the carrier cannot defend itself without its planes, and the fact that its planes can be shot down.


Each ship has its own weaknesses and strengths, so team play is vital in whatever ship you are in. The best choice of ship is a ship type that you like, and you can play well. Also, don’t forget, you are not limited to just one ship line, you can change whenever you want, and note that there are slight changes in characteristics of ships between nations, even if they are the same ship type.