Never played World of Warships, or only just got it? You are in the right place.

Beginners guide to world of warships by school of warships

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Welcome to the School of Warships, Beginners Guide to World of Warships!

World of Warships is an online multiplayer game, all about warships. You fight battles to earn credits (the game’s currency) and experience points (known as xp). You use xp to research new ships, then credits to buy them. There are also special ships known as premium ships, that can be bought for real money in the ‘premium shop’, or sometimes can be earned in missions.

You start in the port, which will look like this:

Beginners guide to world of warships 2017

At the bottom are your ships, select one of them to view it in the port.

Then, when you are ready, press the red battle button at the top. You will be put into a co-op battle, where you and your team face bots. These are simply training matches, where you get to grips with the following controls:

  • 1 to switch to high explosive rounds. These explode on impact, giving consistent damage. Note on British cruisers 1 is armour piercing rounds, as they only have AP as an option.
  • 2 to switch to armour piercing rounds. These do more damage than high explosive, but they have to penetrate the ships armour. You can do immense damage with Citadel hits using armour piercing. See our main battery round options to know what rounds to use (coming soon)
  • 3 switches to torpedoes. This is only available on ships that have torpedoes, obviously. You can put a bearing on a ship by aiming at it, then pressing x. This will show a white line, that is a simple aim assist. If the enemy ship does not manoeuvre, and you fired the torpedoes where the line was, your torpedoes will be on target. Of course, the enemy will probably have manoeuvred by then though. To learn how to improve your ‘torpedoing’ check our torpedo guide.
  • Left button once to fire one shot, twice for an entire salvo, and hold down for sequential fire.
  • Move mouse to aim
  • Mouse scroll to adjust zoom
  • Shift to toggle binocular view
  • E to turn continuously right (does not need to be held down)
  • Q to turn continuously left (does not need to be held down)
  • D to turn right (to starboard)
  • A to turn left (to port) you must hold this down
  • S to decrease speed. You can go backwards, but only very slowly
  • W to increase speed setting. Your ship will stay at this speed, you will not need to hold down W

*note with Q and E, to stop continuous turning either press Q or E to set it to going straight, or press A and D to turn off continuous turning.

World of Warships

Once you have got used to the controls and researched up to tier 3, you will probably be wanting to face some real opponents. To do this, press on the co-op battle icon to the right of the Battle button, and switch it to a random battle. Random battles are against real life opponents and give you more credits and xp than co-op battle. Being against real people makes the battle very fun, so we recommend always playing in random battles over co-op.

So, now you know how to play, let’s teach you about ships classes and armament.

In World of Warships, there are 4 types of armament:

  1. Main battery – This is the main armament of World of Warships. You have it on all ships except aircraft carriers. Generally, Battleships have the best main batteries.
  2. Torpedoes – These deadly weapons can take out a ship easily of on target. The hard part is getting them to hit! All destroyers have them, some cruisers have them, and only a tiny amount of Battleships have them.
  3. Aircraft – Aircraft Carriers have large amounts of planes, and some other ships have catapult fighters or spotting planes. Carriers have fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. These deliver close range attacks, which are usually aimed at slow and large ships, as they are easier to attack. Fighters can be used to attack enemy planes, or as bait to cover bombers.
  4. Secondary Armament – These guns are smaller than your main battery guns, and have a shorter range. They are fired by AI, and usually, aren’t going to do much damage. Some Battleships like the Germans, have amazing secondaries though!

Aircraft Carrier - World of Warships Beginner,s gude