Update 0.6.6 – Analysis


So, here come Operations, a new type of game mode for World of Warships! These exciting scenarios feature completely different game mechanics.

Named scenario mode, it simply gives you operations in a scenario featuring different game mechanics to the the rest of the game. Some key features to look out for are:

  • Onshore installations have a new type – where they can be destroyed but do not fight back.
  • Currently, the four gamemodes feature: Defending bases, Attacking bases, Capturing ships ext.
  • The more objectives that you complete, the better the prize.
  • Some operations require a division to co-operate
  • Once you have done an operation n there will be a 30mins cooldown, which can be skipped for 75,000 credits
  • AI has been improved!
  • Also, a new level has been added, below level 8. This unlocks scenarios

Changes to Karma

Wargaming has made some changes to karma. Now the daily limit of reports and compliments increases with the person’s karma. See this table:

Karma Level Limit on reports and compliments
0 – 19 7 reports and 7 compliments
20 – 49 8 reports and 8 compliments
50 – 79 9 reports and 9 compliments
80 – 109 10 reports and 10 compliments
>110 11 reports and 11 compliments

Also, they made some changes to the reports and compliments.

We added one more report option – “Interferes with my game”. The “Bot” report is gone and was replaced by “Away from keyboard/AFK” while “Assisted in chat” was changed to “Good manners”.


The sound has been changed a lot in this update basically:

  • Sound improvements
  • Added soundtracks
  • Updated sound engine
  • Ultra high sound mode added

Less interesting stuff

  • Ship exterior changes
  • New ships added for Supertesters
  • HSF Ships added
  • Commemorative flags added
  • Blue Lagoon camo added (price: 50 Doubloons). Bonus: +50% XP, +50% commander XP, -10% service cost, +10% to credits earned, and standard battle-performance bonuses.
  • The full salvo of torpedoes will be always fired, even if the ship is destroyed the moment of the torpedo launch.
  • AA defence priority will not be reset even if the target squadron flies out of the spotting range.
  • The option “disabling automatic switching between the main turrets” will also disable automatic switching for torpedo tubes.
  • Other boring improvements and fixes – hurrah!

That’s all for Update 0.6.6, enjoy taking out some AI in the update!