Update – Analysis 

This is just a quick patch analysis:

  • The “Shuka” submarine was decommissioned. The commander was sent to the reserves with a specialization in commanding Orlan and any skill points saved. The empty slot will remain with the player as a gift. – So if you got the submarine, it’s a free port slot! Hurrah!
  • Fixed the problem of a free cursor being stuck when opening a modal window (F1 help, menu by ESC key, statistics pressing TAB, minimap, etc.) – Good that this annoying bug is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a duplicate animation when receiving a container. – This is very good. We noticed this glitch happening quite alot. Although it did not affect gameplay, it was very annoying
  • Fixed a bug where Admiral Graf Spee’s visual armour scheme was incorrectly displayed. – Not quite sure why this would have happened, but good to be fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in which voice chat did not work. – We haven’t been using voice chat recently so we didn’t notice this glitch.
  • Cruiser Iwaki Alpha: the basic visibility of the ship has been changed from 10800m to 10100m. – Just a little balance
  • Cruiser Novik: the basic visibility of the ship has been changed from 9720m to 9030m. – Another balance again
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game client to freeze when switching to the settings window on the login window. – This once happened for one of us when the client crashed and we were logging in!

That’s all for Update!

Enjoy your slot! 😉