French Cruisers – Pictures and Stats!

The French cruisers are coming soon! Here are some pictures, and the stats. (note these are simply historically accurate, they may be tweaked for in-game balancing)

Tier 1 Bouganville: 3×1 138mm, 15 knots. Not very good guns. 700m/s velocity on not very heavy shells. Much worse than the early Russian 130mm found on the likes of the Bogatyr. Not going to be fun(for the three battles you play on it)

Tier 2 Jurein de la Grviere: 8×1 164mm, 22knots. Surprisingly good guns. Almost similar to the US 152mm gun with super heavy AP, but with substantially lower reload speed (3 rpm IRL) – Well, that’s OK, you will probably be more competitive for getting citadels.

Tier 3 Fraint :6×1 164mm guns 18 knots, two (very small) torpedo launchers, They might be fixed and submerged, used to “scuttle” enemy ships. – Also, this ship looks really cool for a tier 3!

Tier 4 Duguay – Troin : 4×2 155mm guns, 30 knots. Up to 6 torpedoes per side. Very good guns, but slow firing and only had SAP rounds, so penetration might not be as high as expected.

Tier 5  Emlie Bertin: 3×3 152mm guns, 34 knots. 3×2 central torpedo launchers. Very similar in performance as the 155mm guns, it’s all down to the shells itself to decide if the actual penetration performances are better or worse.

Tier 6 La Galissonnire :3×3 152mm guns, 32 knots, 2×2 torpedo launchers, one per side. Same guns as before. This one will be very,very poorly armored. Worse than even British ships. – Seems like the colorado of the French. Top tip, avoid battleships in this one!


Tier 7 Algeree : 4×2 203mm guns, 32 knots, 2×3 torpedo launchers, one per side. Very, very powerful guns. Shells as heavy as standard USN 203mm AP (not superheavy), with 820m/s velocity. Think Pensacola, but with 4 times more bursting charge. –  It’s a nice step up from the 152mm guns used in the last few ships.


Tier 8 Charles Martel : 3×3 203mm guns, 34 knots, Same guns, but modernized. 185mm belt armor. A potentially very serious contender for best tier8 CA, with only the Italian Zara capable of de-throning it (which it will, because the Zara is the real reason everyone should be wanting Italian ships) – probably the best tier for tier cruiser in this tree.


Tier 9 Saint Louis: 3×3 203mm guns, 34 knots. Probably decent ship, but nothing really special. A Baltimore wrapped in a French flag.

Tier 10 Henri IV: We have no idea. Some kind of blueprint ship they must have found lying around.


So, those are the French Cruisers! Probably coming out in 0.6.3.