Update 0.6.2 is out! 

Sorry this is a bit late 😦

Here are the brief details:

  • New Soviet destroyer Okhotnick (premium)
  • Alternative Soviet destroyer branch (tier 8+)
  • New ship replacement rules
  • New maps
  • Ship improvements, appearance changes, balances ext.

Soviet destroy sub-branch

These three ships are:

Tier Ship Name Changes

VIII Ognevoi This ship has been moved from Tier VI to Tier VIII and its characteristics were reworked.

IX  Udaloi  This ship has been moved to the alternative branch and its characteristics were reworked.

X  Grozovoi  This is a newly added ship

Also the premium tier V Otohocnick will be going on sale soon.

User interface:

  • Added the option to display abbreviated ship names in the Minimap. This option can be enabled in the Minimap settings and will work only when the alternative battle interface mode is enabled. – Quite a useful little feature for those quick tactical moments on the minimap.
  • In the Ranked Battles screen, information will now be available about the number of battles played in the current season of Ranked Battles. – Not much to say about this, apart from that it will be good to quickly compare it to your ranks progress.
  • In the Summary tab, the number of battles will now be displayed instead of the win rate for the “By number of battles” filter and the “All warships” parameter. – Just a small tweak.
  • If a ship is purchased without a Commander, a hint will now be displayed, informing the player that they can retrain a Commander from another ship of the same nation or recruit a Commander later. – It sounds like a hint for beginners,  yet as a beginner you would probably always get a ship with a commander.
  • Added an option to switch user music tracks during playback, using the following key combinations: (by default) [Ctrl] + [F] — next track; [Ctrl] + [D] — previous track. Key bindings can be modified via the Controls tab. – That’s good if you use your own music, but we don’t know anyone who actually does!
  • Added an option to specify the desired amount of Credits when exchanging Doubloons to Credits. – Again, quite useful if you convert Doubleoons to credits, but you are probably better off just saving your Doubleoons for something more useful.
  • Changed the background for the loading screen of the “Solomon Islands” map. –  Why did they bother!

New maps

Both maps, Ring and Haven are out!

Ring is a map featuring four capture points. It often leads to both teams circling round the islands in the middle, but the games are actually quite fun. See our ring map tactics.

Haven is all about coordinated teamwork. The key areas are hard to capture, but numerous covered positions provide new opportunities for winning.

Phew! That’s all you need to know about update 0.6.2